The Windermere Foundation

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Given that finding homes for people is Windermere’s business, fighting homelessness is a natural fit for the Windermere Foundation. Through the creation of the Windermere Foundation in 1989, Windermere provides housing and services for homeless and low-income families throughout the West by funding nonprofit organizations dedicated to the same cause.

Every time an agent completes a transaction, a donation is made to the Foundation, and Windermere agents and employees also contribute to the fund individually.

Windermere Coeur d’Alene Realty, Inc. and Windermere Hayden, LLC have made a sincere commitment to improving the lives of children, families, and neighbors in crisis through their volunteerism, monetary gifts, and the Windermere Foundation. We believe in early education, meeting the basic needs of every child, and the prevention and healing of child abuse and neglect. The basic philosophy of giving back to the community is role-modeled by the owners and the many representatives and employees who truly believe that we are blessed by our actions. The owners have reported that they were inspired by their parents, who reached out to the needy despite their own lack of material items. Each representative/employee of Windermere gives a percentage of their fees from every professional sale to the Windermere Foundation. Those funds stay in the local area to help children and families.

The annual “New Boots and Socks” program is designed for all needy children and this year they donated $25,000 to cover “little feet” to walk in warmth. We were also involved in developing a trust fund for child victims of crime. Most recently, Windermere held benefits to raise funds for the Groene and Tuggle victims.

Our Community Service Day: Windermere’s 8,000 agents in its offices around the West spend one day each year away from the office to participate in the annual Windermere Community Service Day. The agents decide on a community-based project, and provide hands-on assistance for the day.