Showing Homes Safely for You

Your safety is important to us! Times have changed, but life hasn’t stopped. We keep your safety in mind every step of the way! All in, for you.

Mondays with Matthew

In this week’s episode of “Mondays with Matthew”, Matthew Gardner analyzes post-COVID 19 home prices and offers his prediction for whether or not they will end the year in the positive or negative. Click HERE to learn more!

Gardner Report

The fourth quarter Gardner Report is here! This snapshot shows Idaho economic conditions and how they impact home sales, prices, and days on market.

Are we heading towards another housing bubble?

Matthew Gardner addresses the growing concern that the housing market is heading towards a repeat of the 2008 meltdown. He uses data to illustrate how we are in a very different place than when the housing bubble burst. Click HERE to learn more!

How long should it last?

Wondering whether to repair or replace an item, fixture, or feature of your home? HERE is a list of common household items and features, and how long each of them should last before being replaced. Need a referral for a specialist? Ask one of our agents; they can help!