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Trevor Windhorst

Trevor Windhorst, Born a Realtor
I've always been involved in real estate one way or another. Growing up with two parents and two grandparents in real estate since the early 70's I became very familiar with the business and I actually swore I would never become a Realtor. I did not want to spend my evenings and weekends working ( : After graduating from Western Washington University in 1994 and returning to my home town in the City of Spokane Valley, Washington, like many college graduates, I did not know how I was going to put my college degree to work. Slowly I realized the answer had been with me all along. I loved marketing and advertising and received a degree in it, why not market real estate? So I joined the Windermere team with my parents and father-in-law 12 years ago and you know what? When you get to help people realize their biggest dreams of owning their own homes, working in the evenings and weekends becomes a reward!

Professionalism and Integrity, The Windermere Way
For the past 12 years I have been proudly affiliated with Windermere Real Estate in Spokane Valley, Washington and in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Over these 12 years I have witnessed many real estate companies and many real estate agents in the industry come and go. At the same time I’ve also witnessed the powerful growth with Windermere Real Estate, both locally and nationally, and am proud to say, WE’RE DIFFERENT! Windermere attracts, hires and retains professional people with similar mind sets, goals and integrity and people who care about the communities they live in. Windermere is not about receiving the highest sales volume award for the month or who the top producers in the office are. While we do not have awards ceremonies for top producers, we do celebrate educational achievements and encourage each other to advance in our knowledge of real estate. Windermere is about professionalism, integrity and community. Windermere is about sharing in a vision for a better community and working together to give something back to our communities. Windermere is about striving to achieve a higher level of customer service for our clients and developing the knowledge, the cutting edge technologies and tools necessary to do so. Windermere is different, and that is why Windermere is leading the way in progressive real estate marketing and sales!

Community Service, The Windermere Way
Every Windermere agent has an amazing opportunity to get involved, make a difference and to give back to the communities we live and work in through many different avenues. This is what attracted me to Windermere and has kept me here for the past 12 years. I believe in the Windermere way and the Windermere philosophy that we must give back to the communities we live and work in. Our communities are where we live and work and they are our life blood. If our communities are strong and healthy so are we!

Community Service Projects
The following are a few of the projects Windermere embraces on a continuing basis: *************************************************************************** THE WINDERMERE FOUNDATION (National Effort; Local spending) Every time a Windermere sales associate sells a home, a portion of the commission goes to the Windermere Foundation, a non-profit organization established in 1989. Contributions from Windermere agents combined with contributions from Windermere employees and the public have allowed the Windermere Foundation to distribute in excess of a million dollars annually in recent years to non-profit agencies dedicated to helping homeless and low-income families. The Windermere Foundation supports organizations that provide shelter, clothing and hope for families in need in the neighborhoods we work in. *************************************************************************** WINDERMERE’S COMMUNITY SERVICE DAY (National Effort; Local projects) Once a year Windermere agents trade in pens, contracts and cell phones for hammers, shovels and paint brushes to work together to give back to the communities we live and work in through the form of a Community Service Day. Not only is Community Service Day a great opportunity to give back to the communities where we live and work, it also gives us a chance to work together. Utilizing donated time, talents and resources we clean, landscape and repair parks, playgrounds, schools, shelters and community buildings. Each office selects a project that best serves its community needs. Past projects have included cleaning, landscaping, painting and light carpentry to benefit senior citizens centers, facilities for physically and mentally challenged children and adults, public schools, low income housing and emergency shelters, among others. If you have an idea for a future community service project we would love to hear from you! **************************************************************************** SPOKANE GUILD SCHOOL'S ANNUAL PENNY DRIVE (Local; Spokane, WA Windermere Real Estate Offices) We have adopted the Spokane Guild School’s Annual Penny Drive as a local community service project to help the Guild School collect money for their endowment. The endowment helps fund and support the Guild School who’s mission is to help mentally & physically disabled children ages birth to three years old. Windermere offices locally serve as money collection and drop-off sites. Look for us out on the streets collecting money early in the spring! **************************************************************************** WINDERMERE VALLEY'S CHRISTMAS FAMILIES (Neighborhood; Windermere Real Estate Valley, Inc.) Every year the agents at Windermere Real Estate/Valley, Inc. team up with a local school to help select anonymous families who are less fortunate and in need of a little extra helping hand to get through the holiday season with food and gifts for their families. The families who receive our Christmas surprises remain anonymous. **************************************************************************** WINDERMERE VALLEY'S CHRISTMAS SENIORS (Neighborhood; Windermere Real Estate Valley, Inc.) Last year we chose several immobile senior citizens who’s families were not around and spent time just visiting them, helping them with Christmas shopping and adorning them with small gifts and Christmas carols. This year promises to be even better! **************************************************************************** WINDERMERE VALLEY'S DRIVERS FOR MEELS ON WHEELS (Neighborhood; Windermere Real Estate Valley, Inc.) Every Thursday, rain, snow, sleet or shine our office assists the Valley Meals on Wheels non-profit organization deliver meals to senior citizens in the valley who are unable to make it out on their own.
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