What Our Agents Say

Cindy Perry 208-691-2540 Coeur d’Alene office
Cindy Perry
Coeur d’Alene office

I’m completely in awe of the support I get from my Windermere/CDA Realty brokers! I chose Windermere because after interviewing with the other brokerages, I had a sense that I would get better education, and more support with Windermere as I started on my Real Estate career. I made such a great choice! The first year in business I almost made it to my 100% cap, my broker Pat Krug helped me on every deal, and always made herself available to me, the weekly formal education & accountability was phenomenal. This gave me the encouragement, security and structure to continue on in Real Estate. Year 2, I got to the cap with 6 months left of earning full commissions at 100%, my broker still helped me whenever I asked (which was most of the time), both before and after reaching the cap. Year 3, I got to the cap within 5 months giving me 7 months of earning commissions at 100%, Pat Krug still helping me whenever I needed help. Year 4, I got to my cap within 3 months, giving me 9 months of commissions at 100%, however most deals were extremely complicated big transactions and I needed my broker more than in my first year, she happily assisted me through each transaction even though the brokerage had no financial interest after the first 3 months, the long hours she spent was all to support me and it made no difference to her as to whether I had reached cap or not. Pat is the broker I turn to most often because she is the managing broker of the CDA office where I am, however Jen Smock, Duffy Smock and Pepper Smock have all assisted me on transactions whenever I ask. I truly appreciate the open door policy of my brokers and their genuine willingness to help.

Ryan Keller 208-771-3333 Post Falls Office
Ryan Keller
Post Falls Office

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Windermere is Family. I joined the Windermere family a little over 10 months ago. Knowing nothing about real estate. I at first I expected real estate to be cut throat, battling against other agents in the real estate office. I soon realized Windermere is completely the opposite. Everyone seems to care about one another and celebrate each others success. It didn’t take long to figure out why Windermere is such a successful company, as they care about their agents and the agents care about each other. This positive atmosphere is a powerful cycle only makes each agent greater and greater!

Greg Washington 208-704-4047 Post Falls Office
Greg Washington
Post Falls Office

I have enjoyed building a strong and sustainable business with the support of the staff and my brokers at Windermere/CDA Realty. They’ve helped build my business to a point where I have achieved great success and hit cap year after year. At that point, I receive 100% of my commissions, which is when the real magic happens. At Windermere, we celebrate each other’s success and hitting 100% is a big one!

Marc Mathes 208-512-9423 Post Falls Office
Marc Mathes
Post Falls Office

I love working for Windermere! Coming from the military and working with very high caliber people in the fighter pilot community, I was worried what it would be like working for a civilian company. However, Windermere has exceeded all my expectations and I could not be more grateful to the staff, from Pepper, Jen, Duffy, and for all the support and friendship I have been given. I will continue to work very hard while maintaining balance in my life.

Sam Inman 208-699-2651 Hayden Office
Sam Inman
Hayden Office

When I started my real estate career I interviewed with a couple offices in town and what really put Windermere over the edge for me was their willingness to give back to the community and their professionalism. This goes hand in hand with my values so I immediately gravitated toward this way of doing business. I will always work for Windermere because I am continuously surrounded by support, caring people and the tools and resources to achieve success every year. If I ever have a question I can get a hold of someone to help me right away. The office provides training and stats that gives me the most recent updated information and facts so I can provide the best service to my clients. Pat Krug has been very instrumental in helping me achieve the goals that I have set for myself. She has provided one-on-one coaching sessions and was there every step of the way as I earned my GRI designation and Associate Broker license.

Randy & Christy Oetken 208-660-0506 Coeur d’Alene office
Randy & Christy Oetken
Coeur d’Alene office

In 2000 after selling a technology business that we ran for years in Coeur d’ Alene and Boise, we decided to become REALTOR®s and immediately went to work for Windermere because their technology tools were so progressive for the times. Since then, we have experienced this same progressive approach that Windermere takes to actively help us build our business on a daily basis. They have forged relationships with The Coeur d’ Alenee Press; www.CDAPress.com and www.REALTOR®.com that help brings us leads. The education made available to us is phenomenal and we would recommend it to any new or experienced agent. The sales meetings are crammed with information that should not be missed on a weekly basis. And of course it is nice that at Windermere, we have the opportunity to earn to 100% of our commissions. We have not considered moving to another       company because we know the grass is not greener on the other side.

Lisa Biondo 208-699-3584 Coeur d’Alene office
Lisa Biondo
Coeur d’Alene office

When I realized that I wanted to make being a REALTOR® a full time career, I interviewed with every brokerage in town and I quickly realized that Windermere offered the support that I would need. They have Transactions Services that can help with listing and advertising and so many little things that really save me time. Plus they provide so much training for agents to be more successful. I don’t think I would be as successful as I have been without all of the training I have received. And I like the fact that not only do Pepper and Pat provide support but my fellow agents are willing to help as well.

Coco Jensen 208-755-1125 Coeur d’Alene office
Coco Jensen
Coeur d’Alene office

One thing that really impressed me when I interviewed various real estate offices in town was how when I met with Pat Krug at Windermere, how she was not looking to higher just anyone. She was interested in REALTOR®s with a higher standard. I knew right away that I wanted to be a part of that type of atmosphere. Since then, I have been impressed with all the help that has been available to me along the way. I especially like the one-on-one help that helps me meet my personal goals. And I also appreciate the resources that are available to me online. As I do my work from all corners of the area, it really helps to be able to access what I need, when I need it. I don’t feel like another company can offer me the quality of education, support & the feeling that someone always has my back like Windermere does.

Alison Roberts 208-661-9626 Post Falls Office
Alison Roberts
Post Falls Office

Windermere’s training is second to none! From my first day as an agent I had a mentor, managing broker and administrative staff to help guide me. Regularly scheduled classes including accountability and scripts laid the foundation for an incredible first year in the business. The advice I received regarding marketing and technology have helped increase my influence and confidence, and the best part is the help is free! Because of the opportunities for one-on-one business planning, sharing best practices at meetings, the online tools provided by Windermere and the incredible willingness of the staff to help, Windermere is THE place to be a REALTOR®.