With years of professional experience, it would be my pleasure to put my skills to work for you and assist you with your Real Estate needs. After 5 years in the corrections industry, I learned some valuable skills about working with many personality types, about negotiations, and conflict management. This has taught me that there is a favorable solution to all situations that can be a win/win for each party. During my time in corrections, I was promoted twice, and was able to work as a youth counselor, and also supervised the other counselors as well.  The opportunity to assist with new hires on an interview panel helped to further build my communication skills and develop excellent time management skills.
During those years I developed a strong work ethic, learned to understand the importance of rapport in a relationship and about following through, all of which are crucial in the Real Estate industry. What matters to you is what is most important in the process.
Outside of my Real Estate career I love to play sports. Hockey is one of my passions because it has such a strong team environment. It allows me the opportunity to connect with others on a different level.
It would be my pleasure to take some time to get to know you better and find out how I can help you with your Real Estate needs.